IPv4 Market and IPv6 Deployment

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IPv4.Global’s Lee Howard will be a panelist at the Internet Governance Forum’s session, “IGF 2020 WS #327 Believe it or not, the Internet Protocol is on Sale!” Preparing for this session has provided an opportunity to research how the IPv4 address market has affected the deployment of IPv6. To begin, we look at the total addresses transferred and the number … Read More

First RIPE NCC “seizure of IPv4 Addresses” – is this the beginning of IPv4 as Collateral?

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By: Jack Hazan, EVP IPv4.Global In a publication released on October 2, 2020, RIPE NCC reported its first seizure of IPv4 registration rights pursuant to a Dutch court order.  Pursuant to the order, RIPE NCC effectuated a transfer of the IP Addresses from the liquidating debtor to its creditor.  Although these IP Addresses could not be owned – they were … Read More

What is IPv4 and Why Does it Matter?

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IPv4, or Internet Protocol version 4, is a set of rules that allows devices, like computers and phones, to exchange data on the Internet. Each device and domain connected to the Internet is assigned a unique number, called an IP address. These addresses ensure data is routed to the correct device.     IPv4 addresses are 32-bit numbers written with … Read More

IP Blocklist and Blocklist Removal

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Everyone hates spam. Even worse is malware—something that infects your computer and sends spam out to you and others or tries to hack into systems. In response to these problems, many people began to maintain lists recording who generates spam and malware. An “IP blocklist” is used by most mail servers and some firewalls as a step in deciding whether … Read More

RPKI – today or tomorrow?

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By Jan Zorz  |  May 14, 2020   Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a mouthful. Essentially, RPKI ensures that the network saying, “We are the place to send traffic for network A.B.C.D” really is the right place. It is a way of improving the security of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which uses the Autonomous System Number (ASN) to … Read More

The Benefits and Risks of Leasing IPv4 Space

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IPv4.Global is beginning to lease IPv4 addresses, starting with a /16 registered in ARIN available for a long-term lease. With address prices rising, the reasons you may want to become a lessor are clear: extended predictable revenue. Leasing creates an opportunity to monetize IP addresses and sell an IP block for a higher price in the future versus in the … Read More

US Federal CIOs Asking about IPv6-only

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Federal CIOs Asking about IPv6-Only In a largely overlooked news item a few weeks ago, Federal CIOs asked for advice on transitioning to IPv6-only: The Federal CIO Council is performing market research on evolving Federal networks and information services to IPv6-only systems. ACT-IAC is facilitating conversations with industry to identify significant barriers, risks and opportunities for innovation that can be foreseen … Read More