Transfer Fee Calculator

For every RIR, there is a fee schedule that applies to any and all transfers. 


There are different transfer fees charged by each RIR for block transfers. This is the case for both inter- and intra-RIR transfers. This calculator is designed to give you a quick and easy answer to what fee you may be responsible for, depending on the nature of your transfer.


The following summarizes fee schedules:

ARIN: No matter what size block, sellers are expected to pay $500 per transfer. Buyers pay a fee depending on the block size.

RIPE NCC: There are no transfer fees under this RIR, however, you will still be responsible for your membership fees.

LACNIC: Fees are somewhat complicated. A $200 initial payment is required to open a ticket. Sellers usually open this ticket, and Buyers are then expected to pay the remaining fee. The remaining fee is $1,000 for blocks smaller than /19 and $1,500 for /19 and larger blocks.

APNIC: APNIC fees are also complicated. For intra-APNIC transfers, the buyer pays fees. For inter-RIR fees, the seller pays fees. If both members are APNIC, only the buyer pays. The fee is calculated by taking 20% of the annual fee (membership) for the number of IPv4 addresses being transferred in a single transfer request.

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