Private Sales

Confidential Management

Buyers and sellers of larger IPv4 blocks sometimes elect to manage their transactions privately. These transfers are conducted off our marketplace platform. 

Generally, blocks ranging from /17 to /8 can be managed in this way. Confidential processes are available throughout the search for buyers and sellers. These efforts include:

Key Advantages of Private Sales

  • Solicitation of bids/offers from expertly-identified counterparties
  • Mediated negotiation between parties
  • Facilitated contract edits and amendments
  • Confidential pricing and terms
  • Deal structure guidance
  • Creative payment options

Customized Terms

We have helped hundreds of companies sell IPv4 addresses including several Fortune 100 companies. Our experience and expertise have earned us a reputation as one of the most respected IP address brokers in the market.

Private IPv4 Services Also Include:

  • Complete transaction documentation & records
  • Escrow services
  • Facilitation of IP address transfer

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