ARIN 50 News Update

October 28, 2022

ARIN 50 kicked off with a report on the slowing pace of allocations through the IPv4 Waitlist.

ARIN reported that it only fulfilled 69 Waitlist requests in Q3 of 2022. On average, organizations got just 850 addresses. The total allocated space was less than 60,000 addresses.

ARIN reported that the Waitlist is increasing by about 120 requests a quarter, with just 60 allocations. It projects that over 1,000 organizations will be on the Waitlist by the end of 2023. It cannot project beyond the end of 2023 because it bases projections on revoked space. ARIN does not know how much space will be revoked in the future.

Participants discussed two proposals to simplify transfers.

2020-6 should help organizations downsize to a smaller block. The freed up space can then be transferred to other organizations. 2022-3 should lower the administrative burden in processing a transfer. It removes the need for an officer of the company to sign an attestation on the documentation provided to ARIN. ARIN is confident that removing this requirement will not impact its ability to pursue cases of fraud.

Both proposals were well supported and are likely to be adopted.