About ReView

ReView is a first-of-its-kind digital IP address audit tool. It is revolutionary provisioning and IP address management software. Review is a free tool from IPv4.Global working with 6connect.

Many organizations are deterred from performing a detailed inventory of their IP addresses by the potential time and expense involved. ReView enables network operators and administrators to quickly and easily gain visibility of their IP address allocations, and more effectively manage their records. It allows users to understand how their IP addresses are allocated and assigned.

An inventory report showing /23 and /24 blocks and their percentage of utilization (orange areas).

The Challenges

IP address management becomes especially challenging when outside circumstances complicate the task. There are many such complications, as when:

  • A merger or acquisition adds address blocks of unknown provenance;
  • Inefficient earlier development of a network is suspected;
  • Growing network demands require a deep understanding of existing resources;
  • Potentially large numbers of addresses are not reclaimed in spite of many cancellations;
  • Patchwork assignments suggest large swaths of addresses are potentially available for sale;
  • Installation of an IPAM suggests an audit to confirm data integrity

The Solutions

Incomplete and/or manual IP addresses management often results in increased risk of service interruptions, creates potential security risks, and makes updates to the network more time consuming. To correct many network flaws, ReView delivers the information needed to optimize efficiency and unlock cost savings.

Intuitive Navigation

The ReView homepage includes graphical and informational status tiles to guide you through the auditing process. This includes Hilbert Curve visualizations for more insights into the network under audit.

The home page.


ReView lets network managers discover exactly how their address blocks are used, allowing them to renumber if necessary, so they can more efficiently plan to acquire new space or divest unneeded blocks. Often this aggregation improves routing convergence time. It also puts similar devices in similar subnets so security policies can be sensibly applied.

Download ReView Free

To perform an IP address audit using ReView, users need to enter name, company, and email address for a free account, download and run the app from Windows, Apple, or Linux. Details and documentation are available below.

Downloading ReView

Once your submission information below is submitted, you’ll be sent an email with a link to download ReView.

That link will take you to a page with operating system options, Windows, Apple, and Linux. Simply download the appropriate app and run it locally.

Financial Benefits

A ReView address audit delivers more than efficiency. The financial benefits of address consolidation avoids unnecessary purchases of new addresses and often reveals hidden, unused IPv4 address blocks which can be monetized.

User Controls

ReView allows users to control the exposure of their networks to the tool so that sensitive, proprietary and high-value data is secure. Users can:

  • Upload configuration files after removing all sensitive data (such as passwords);
  • Allow SNMP read-only access – or create a read-only account – and device lists to extract network information;
  • Run an nmap scan of their network.

A Thorough Examination

The application analysis takes into account multiple data touchpoints depending on what is made available. This includes standard network scanning through a variety of protocols, along with more detailed metadata gathering through config file parsing, SNMP, ARP and others and so includes routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers, DHCP servers and DNS servers. The result is a customized “To-Do” list based on your actual data that feeds not only the IP address utilization, but the suggestions and planning for renumbering opportunities.

Cloud Providers

Cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and VMware vCenter) are included in discovery scan options so users can analyze their IP use (owned or rented) on these providers.


In addition to the extensive controls described above, ReView runs as local software – not a cloud application. So, no data is shared with IPv4.Global, 6connect or any other entity.

Documentation & User Guide

For the ReView User Guide, click GUIDE.

For the ReView Documentation, click DOCUMENTATION.