Leasing IPv4 Addresses

Flexibility & Convenience

Leasing IPv4 addresses is available to those with a surplus supply they wish to lend and to those with an immediate, and perhaps short-term need for addresses.

Lessors (Landlords) – For those with surplus addresses but uncertain of their future needs and/or those interested in converting excess holdings to an income-generating asset.

Lessees (Renters) – Leasing reduces the cash-flow impact of address expansion and can be tailored to startup or growing environments where predicting future needs is difficult.

IPv4 addresses are available for lease over a wide variety of term lengths, in virtually every block size and at several price points. Terms are straightforward and can be negotiated to suit both parties’ needs.

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To initiate the leasing process, either as lessee or lessor, complete one of the two forms below. The basic information there will give us an opportunity to contact you with information about available opportunities and next-step efforts.

To discover more about the opportunities currently available or to review the terms and conditions of our leasing agreements, give us a call: (212) 610-5601 or email: ipv4leasing@hilcoglobal.com.

Customized Terms

For those interested in exploring buying, selling and leasing alternatives, IPv4.Global provides expert guidance. In some cases, a lease-to-own option may be the ideal solution. Plus, our team has successfully arranged dividing blocks for sale and lease, arranging unusual timeframe leases and option-to-buy agreements.

Our Services Include:

  • Ensuring a confidential sales process
  • Providing standard transaction documents
  • Advice on deal structure
  • Escrow services
  • Reassigning the IP address at the relevant RIR (ARIN, APNIC, RIPE, & LACNIC)
  • Generating ROA within RPKI
  • SWIP
  • Delegating DNS Authority
  • Drafting Letters of Authorization
  • Reputation checks on leased space

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Submitting a Leasing Request

For Lessors: The form below includes basic information about your needs. Please let us know what block size(s), terms and pricing range you would like to offer.

For Lessees: Interested in leasing in IPs? The request form below outlines a number of possible scenarios that may help you. Once we review it we will contact you with options.

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