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IPv4 Addresses: Who Owns What?

IP addresses are not actually owned by individuals, but rather they are assigned by much larger entities. ISPs, hardware manufacturers, network operators, etc. don’t own them either. IP addresses are assets but not one that is strictly “owned.” Read more

Repairing IP Address Reputations

Each kind of organization cares about one or more different characteristics of an address. They characteristics they care about – qualities they approve or disapprove – impact whether they’ll accept mail from or serve content to a specific address. Read more

Buying IPv4 Addresses Online

Buying IPv4 addresses online can involve an auction, “buy now” options or privately negotiated transactions. The differences are significant, preferable depending on budgets processes and urgency. Learn about the alternatives here. Read more

Hijacked IP Addresses

Hijacked IP addresses are used in malicious, often illegal, and often profitable businesses. Some spam just preys on the gullible, other forms distribute malware or steal users’ identities. To discover more about hijacked IPs: Read more

Electrical Co-ops & IP Addresses

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Assoc. estimates there are 6.3 million households in co-op service areas without broadband. Systems have been deployed to use existing wires to bring service to these users. Read more

IPv4 Waiting Lists

IP registries created waiting lists to distribute addresses returned to them. Wait times vary but most RiRs expect new requests to be honored no sooner than in two years. To understand the procedures at each RIR and consider alternatives, Read more

IP Address Fees in 2022

IP registries are essential to the efficient operation of the internet. This management requires time, trouble and people and so isn’t free. This blog looks at the history of fees paid to register and transfer IP addresses across all the RIRs. Read more

IP Address Location Data

Geographical location impacts agreements and other controls across the internet. Many organizations need information about the physical location of an IP address accessing content of one kind or another. Read more

Cooperatives: IPv4 Alongside IPv6

Phone companies pioneered access in the 90s because the internet required phones and modems. But always-on access changed things. Enter the power company. And with that involvement, complex technological issues. Read more

IPv4 Pricing Trends – May, 2022

IPv4 address prices have experienced an inversion in recent months. What was once less costly per address is now relatively expensive. This unexpected turn of events has implications for both buyers and sellers and can be significant. Read more

IP Blocking

A network can fence its own IP addresses to bar unwanted access to specific content or block specific external ones from access to some or all content. There are many reasons for blocking, not all of which involve hackers. Read more

The Hidden Value of IPv4

The number of IP addresses is limited, creating a demand for addresses worldwide, particularly from the cloud computing industry. This demand has raised the value of IPv4 to levels that the internet’s original developers didn’t predict. Read more