Representing Buyers

by IPv4.GLOBAL Staff

Hilco Streambank’s IPv4.GLOBAL has sourced IP blocks on behalf of buyers for many years. Our staff assists in locating resources that satisfy specific needs in terms of RIR, price, transfer schedule, and – of course – price. Requests vary.

Requests are made in all shapes and sizes. Often, we source a single block. We also search for multiple blocks – both large and small – available either immediately or over an extended acquisition schedule. These searches are efficient, often timely means of targeting a need and fulfilling it.

Volatile Markets

As most regular observers of the IPv4 market understand, 2022 has seen significant price volatility. So, both buyers and sellers have sometimes been subject to unwanted swings in pricing, only to see those swings reversed days or weeks later. Having us source space for you in a programmatic way will help you manage these swings effectively.

Baseline Buyer Service

In an effort to add valuable features to our sourcing services, we’ve instituted a program of sourcing IP addresses that offers buyers even greater flexibility and certainty. Plus, the opportunity to save along the way.

Our baseline buyer agreement specifies a block size (or sizes) needed and a maximum acceptable price for the assets. Based on the size and term of the engagement, we set a flat dollar-per-IP fee. So, a request might be, “An ARIN /20 at $48 per address or less with a fee to IPv4.GLOBAL of an additional $1.50 per address.” The term on such agreements is open to discussion and acceptance of a block, once located, is subject to the buyer’s approval at the time it becomes available. Put simply, this is a detailed request without an obligation to buy.

Added Savings Opportunities

When sourcing IP resources we sometimes encounter sellers whose circumstances result in a discounted asking price. Since we are sourcing on the buyer’s behalf, we can extend a lower-than-requested price to that buyer. We can build in an incentive fee for a percentage of the savings over your baseline price. We are rewarded for our successful search and the buyer gains significant additional savings. 


This program offers buyers the world’s largest marketplace and our private brokerage as a resource for their specific needs. It establishes a maximum price and acceptable delivery schedule and is subject to the buyer’s acceptance at every step of the way. Plus, there is the very real opportunity to discover savings by acquiring discounted resources as a result of our expertise and focused search.

Buyer Agreements in a Nutshell

So, we offer:

  • A fixed maximum cost per address
  • Custom block size combinations
  • RIR flexibility
  • Potential savings if lower pricing becomes available
  • No obligation to buy
  • A fixed fee for the sourcing service

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