IPv4.Global at a Glance

  • Founded 2014
  • Headquartered: New York, NY
  • Brokered the sale of 55+ million IP addresses​
  • Completed more than 3,000 transactions
  • Registered vetted & approved 6,000 buyers and sellers
  • Transparent current IPv4 Pricing Trends

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About IPv4.Global

IPv4.Global is the leading IP address marketplace in the world. Our transparent, online marketplace has become the definitive industry benchmark for IPv4 transactions and transfers.

An IPv4.Global Introduction

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What We Do

IPv4.Global facilitates the sale and transfer of IP addresses from an organization that no longer needs their IP addresses to one that does, monetizing hidden assets the company may not even be aware exist.

Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of rules for addressing and routing data so it can travel through networks and arrive at its intended destination. Every internet-connected device has a unique IP address. In the early development of the internet, the design of the version still most widely used today – called IPv4 – included 4.3 billion addresses.

The combination of growing demand and a finite number of IPv4 addresses has increased their market value. They have become the most widely-held, highly-valued hidden assets in the world.

We work with customers to buy and sell IP blocks, regardless of size, and have completed more transfers than any other provider in the world.

Who We Are

IPv4.Global is the leading IP address marketplace in the world. Our transparent, online marketplace has become the definitive industry benchmark for IPv4 transactions and transfers.

We help organizations monetize hidden assets they often don’t know they have. Our experienced, trusted team coupled with our transparent, industry-leading data has made us the number one marketplace in the world for buying and selling blocks of IP addresses, no matter the size.

How We Do It

IPv4.Global offers multiple solutions designed to meet the unique needs of IPv4 buyers and sellers of every size. A division of Hilco Global, we are the only IPv4 marketplace backed by a large financial organization, which affords financial flexibility for buyers and sellers.


IPv4.Global is the only IPV4 marketplace with transparent pricing. We disclose and publicly share pricing for every transaction managed through our online marketplace (not including private transactions).


IPv4.Global has completed more IPv4 transfers than any other broker and offers the largest inventory. Our dedicated transfer specialists help walk customers through IP transfers – whether it’s their first time or their fiftieth – to ensure an easy and efficient process.


IPv4.Global has experience with every Regional Internet Registry (RIR) and has more than 6,000 registered and approved buyers and sellers on our marketplace and we continue to be the only marketplace showing historical pricing.  

Contact Us

Peter Tobey, Marketing

John Walker, P.R.

Our Leadership

Gabe Fried
CEO of Hilco Streambank

Gabe Fried is chief executive officer of Hilco Streambank. Gabe began liquidating intangibles in 2000 when he was retained to dispose of his former employer’s digital and trademark assets. During this initial assignment he learned several valuable lessons.

Gabe pioneered the distressed brokerage of intangibles during his roles as liquidator, auctioneer, investor, buyer’s agent, expert witness, and appraiser. He launched Streambank when it was time to build a team, and the Streambank team joined Hilco in 2011.

Jack Hazan
EVP of Hilco Streambank

Jack Hazan is executive vice president of Hilco Streambank. Jack leverages his experience in restructuring and business development to provide liquidity solutions for businesses with a wide range of intangible assets. 

He founded and leads IPv4.Global, which has achieved sales of close to $1B. Since 2009, Jack has been instrumental in building the industry leading intangible asset practice at Hilco Streambank, where he continues to remain closely involved in the other business units.

Jack developed his business and legal acumen as a bankruptcy attorney at Kramer Levin, as general counsel of Nobody Beats the Wiz, as general counsel and as vice president of business development at Azrak Capital.

Throughout his career, Jack has become known for his capability to bring parties together and getting deals closed.

Lee Howard
SVP of IPv4.Global

Lee Howard is a senior vice president at Hilco Streambank focused on the IPv4.Global business unit. 

A thought leader in Internet Protocols, Lee has over 25 years of experience in networking. He has served on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), the Board of Trustees of the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN), and as a working-group co-chair of IPv6 Renumbering and IPv6 Operations working groups at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). 

Lee’s analysis of the costs of network address translation, IPv4, and IPv6 continues to welcome skeptical network engineers to the IPv4 address market. He has held technical leadership positions in large and small internet service providers, hosting, and enterprise IT.

Peter Tobey
Marketing Director

Peter Tobey is the marketing director at Hilco Streambank focused on the IPv4.Global business unit. 

Peter’s background includes entrepreneurial efforts as an author, editor and publisher of books and magazines. He has also worked in website and SaaS application development, broad online outreach in paid and social media, as well as direct-to-consumer and business-to-business communications. 

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