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IP Address Reputation Basics

An IP address’ reputation can significantly impact its utility and worth in the digital marketplace. A tarnished reputation can hinder email deliverability and even prevent businesses from operating online. Read more

IPAM Address Management

If you don’t automate IP address management, you can’t know what is being used. That reduces your control over your own network and limits the basis of future plans to hope and luck. Read more

/24 – The Internet’s Smallest Block

Underlying the transfer rules is the fact that it is very difficult to use anything smaller than a /24 on the internet. That doesn’t explain the rationale for why this is true. The explanation is interesting. Read more

Finance and IT Teams Can Collaborate on Investment Opportunities

Effective collaboration between finance and IT teams can help unlock the untapped potential of intangible tech assets, especially IPv4 addresses. Read more

Corporate Finance Strategies for Surplus IPv4 Address Monetization

In the modern financial landscape, IPv4 addresses represent valuable intangible assets that can help drive business growth and financial stability. Read more

Bring Your Own IP

On Friday, July 28, 2023, AWS announced they would begin charging for every IPv4 address an account is allocated or using on the platform, starting February 1, 2024. Read more

IPv4 Address Transfers
& The Chain of Title

RIRs are deeply concerned with illicit use of IP addresses. To stop such use they require different kinds of proof of ownership when approving an official transfer. Read more

2023: The First Half

In the first six months of 2023 larger block prices hovered between $50-55 per address and smaller blocks continued to fall in price. The difference in recent months has grown to 30-35%. Read more

The ARIN Qualified Facilitator

ARIN created the Qualified Facilitator Program (QFP) to be a resource for the community to assist in identifying Qualified Facilitators engaged in brokering the transfer of IPv4 addresses. Read more

The Value of
Private Address Space

Private addresses are intended for use on end user networks. That means anything from a domestic WiFi connection to a large bank’s internal server infrastructure. Read more

Unlock Your Hidden Fortune

Today, a great deal of IP address space remains dormant simply because too many addresses were distributed to some networks. Educational institutions especially. So, educational institutions may find themselves in a prime position as potential sellers. Read more

Consolidating Network Addresses

You can’t control resources you do not know about. Turning hidden assets into a windfall is nice but a complete view of your network is essential to identify precisely its configuration, utilization and general health. Read more