ShelterTech Wins IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards San Francisco

The Linux Foundation Recognized as Runner-up For Their Outstanding Netizenship IPv4.Global, an operating unit of Hilco Streambank, today announces that ShelterTech has won the IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards (GNAs) San Francisco, followed by runner-up organization, The Linux Foundation. ShelterTech garnered 61 percent of the total votes cast for the two organizations,   and The Linux Foundation finished with 39 percent. Both … Read More

Rebranding our IPv4 Address Brokerage

Hilco Streambank’s to be Rebranded Under its IPv4.Global Banner We are excited to announce that the online auction platform is being rebranded under the IPv4.Global banner.  IPv4.Global, an operating unit of Hilco Streambank, has been leveraging the resources of Hilco Global to provide our clients with creative solutions for monetizing their IPv4 addresses.  The auction platform, launched in … Read More

IPv4.Global Announces San Francisco Good Netizen Award Finalists

Three local organizations have been selected as finalists for the Good Netizen Awards with open, online voting to take place from February 12 to February 24 coinciding with NANOG 75  IPv4.Global announces ShelterTech, The Linux Foundation and Girls in Tech as the finalists for the next IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards (GNAs), occurring in conjunction with the San Francisco, CA meeting of … Read More

Free Geek Vancouver Wins IPv4.Global Good Netizen Award

Society for Canadian Women In Science and Technology (SCWIST) Also Recognized as Runner Up for Exceptional Netizenship in Vancouver Community Free Geek Vancouver has won the Vancouver IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards (GNAs), followed by runner-up organization, Society for Canadian Women In Science and Technology (SCWIST). Both organizations will receive a financial contribution from a donation pool generated by sales … Read More

IPv4.Global Announces Vancouver Good Netizen Award Finalists

Four Local Organizations Have Been Selected for Open Voting in the Weeks Surrounding NANOG 74 and ARIN 42 Events in Vancouver, B.C. Finalists have been selected for the IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards Vancouver, which will coincide with the Vancouver, B.C. meetings of NANOG 74 taking place October 1-3, and ARIN 42 taking place October 4-5. Award finalists include BC Technology … Read More