Welcoming AFRINIC to the IPv4 Transfer Ecosystem, Your Buyers Await

AFRINIC joined the other 4 RIRs in allowing IPv4 resource transfers between organizations outside of the normal merger and acquisition sphere. Qualifying recipients may now receive IPv4 addresses from AFRINIC region based organizations that have surplus resources. As these resources exist in limited supply, the question on many minds is “what’s the right price for address space?” Pricing in new … Read More

How IPv4 Brokers Create Value in the IP Address Marketplace

Recently, I had a conversation with someone whom I would classify as an IPv4 market opponent while I was at the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) in Nairobi. It was a useful conversation for me, and hopefully for him as well. Taking a cue from everything I’ve read about productive dialogue, I asked him about his concerns and we proceeded … Read More