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Selling IPv4 Addresses for University Funding

IP addresses are a hidden treasure trove that many universities don’t realize they possess. This intangible asset could be the key to unlocking much-needed funds. Read more

What is ARIN?

The internet grew slowly, at first. The original four ARPANET nodes were connected in 1969. By 1988 there were 500,000 internet users. It was then clear: any reasonably complex system requires management. Read more


IP address management (IPAM) is a crucial investment for organizations with growing network ecosystems. If poorly managed, a busy IP address infrastructure can result in network chaos and deepen network inefficiencies. Audit tools help. Read more

Routing, Trust & RPKI

The routing protocols we rely on today were developed in a much friendlier environment. No doubt, no one anticipated they’d be in place more than 30 years later. But protocol developers anticipated networks would want some level of control. Read more

Are IP Addresses Property?

Does their specific use make IP addresses “property?” If “a property right is the exclusive authority to determine how a resource is used,” addresses don’t fit. Though not natural property, they are intangible assets, a subset of which is further known as intellectual property. Read more

Making CIDR: A History

Early IP systems subdivided all the available IP addresses into three flavors. Each wildly different in the number of addresses included. These packages of addresses left the distributors of them few choices. Finer subdivisions were needed. Read more

Universities and Underused IPv4 Address Space

Many universities have large pools of unused or under-utilized IPv4 address space. Understanding the value of these assets and knowing how to sell them is crucial. Read more

Intellectual Property During Mergers & Acquisitions

The ownership of intangible assets sometimes changes hands without the acquiring company being aware of the transfer. So, one may buy an asset and be unaware they have done so. Read more

How Educational Institutions Sell Unused IPv4 Addresses for Millions

Universities across the country including Penn State, MIT and Harvard are selling large blocks of IPv4 addresses that they do not need (ie. are not using) for millions of dollars. Read more

What is GeoIP
and Why Does It Matter?

Filtering based on apparent location can be a challenge when starting to use IP addresses that were previously used elsewhere. Remedies are available. Read more

IPv4 Addresses
& Their Role in Education

The Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of rules (a protocol), for addressing and routing data so it can travel through networks and arrive at its intended destination. Internet-connected devices each have a unique IP address. Read more

What is an ASN
and Do I Need One?

An ASN is a unique identifier that’s assigned to a group of one or more IP prefixes run by one or more network operators that maintain a single, clearly-defined routing policy. Read more