The ARIN Community & RPKI

February 15, 2023

Network operators have consistently asked ARIN to improve its legal agreements for RPKI. RPKI is a way to associate a digital certificate with a block of IP addresses. It is increasingly important for reputation services and internet routing.

The most recent improvement came this month. It came the day before Christopher Yoo, a legal scholar from the University of Pennsylvania, spoke at NANOG 87.

He noted that ARIN has now resolved the legal issues he identified. ARIN is working with the other RIRs to standardize operational practices and APIs. This will help multinational networks.

Key improvements include:

  • Software vendors can now include ARIN’s information in their installation package
  • Governments and their agencies do not need to agree to the law of Virginia. ARIN will publicize this on its website.
  • ARIN will step up its RPKI community training program