The “Fund Your Future” Program

October 1, 2022

Hilco Streambank’s IPv4.GLOBAL, the world’s most experienced internet protocol address broker, today announced a program dedicated to helping educational institutions fund their future projects. The program focuses on valuing and monetizing IPv4 addresses. It provides real time information on the value of these assets. Colleges and universities around the U.S. currently have many thousands, often tens of thousands of these assets worth millions of dollars, often barely used.

The program is being launched at EDUCAUSE, a showcase event for U.S. education attended by thousands of technology professionals. The event is being held in Denver, CO October 25-28. Information about each university’s IPv4 holdings and their value is available now to all potential attendees of the conference.

In person inquiries can be made at IPv4.GLOBAL’s EDUCAUSE booth # 1353. Inquiries can be addressed directly to

“We have been working all year towards this launch and this event,” said Lee Howard, Senior Vice President of Hilco Streambank’s IPv4.Global. “Providing funds to schools to support IT infrastructure projects or other capital expenditures is the kind of work we love to do.”