Transfers for RIPE Buyers

The IP transfer process can be daunting if one is not familiar with the information required by each RIR. A number of reasons drive the detailed requirements for a transfer, including privacy, security and transparency. All reasonable goals, certainly. But in order to satisfy these requests, fairly precise steps must be taken to transfer an IP block between user entities.

Our team has experience in the process. We have successfully completed thousands of transfers and assist buyers on a daily basis. We provide a streamlined transfer process without sacrificing clear communication and procedural accuracy. Not surprisingly, to ensure a fast transfer, client cooperation is key. In order to make transfers more understandable, and therefore comfortable, the following describes the transfer process for IPv4 buyers in an RIPE-to-RIPE transfer.

Step 1

1-3 days
Create a RIPE account

Register your RIPE account: Prior to purchasing IPv4 for your organization, you should make sure to have a registered account in your local regional internet registry (RIR).

To discover if you have a registered account, please go to the RIPE Database, and type your company name.

To register an account, visit to get started.

Create an Org-ID: This is the identifier unique to your organization.

Visit Creating Organization Objects on RIPE’s website for information on how to create and manage Org IDs.

You will be asked to enter a contact such as Admin, Tech, or Abuse contact for your organization.

You will also be asked to provide a signed Registration Service Agreement by an authorized person at your organization.

Note: Please make sure the Org. Name registered on this account matches that of the legal name on your Company Registration Paperwork with your local Chamber of Commerce. Changing organization names or getting a new Org-ID after the purchase of the block will drastically delay the transfer process.

Step 2

1 day
Register Account on IPv4.Global

Register Account: Register with us at IPV4.Global . During this step, one of our analysts will review your registration. If all checks out, our analyst will reach out for Buyer in-take.

When registering your account, it is best to provide the following information to gain approval:

  • RIPE Org-ID *if any
  • Your Company Website
  • Proof of your affiliation to your organization.
  • Recently retrieved company registration/incorporation paperwork

Step 3

~ 1-3 days

Set Up Vendor Purchase Order between your organization and IPV4.Global

Set up Vendor Account: During this step, we provide your accounts payable team with any information/documentation they may need to set up payment to us.

To get started, please reach out to one of our Transfer Analysts or contact us through our Contact Us forms.

As agents, we hold the funds in our Escrow until the addresses are completely transferred to our recipient ensuring the security and reliability of our transfers.

Once the block is successfully transferred to the recipient’s RIPE account, we will release the funds to the seller.

Note: It is extremely important that this step is done before the purchase of the block on our site, as late payment could severely impact the transfer process leading to delays or cancellations.

Step 4

~ 1-3 weeks
Purchasing IPv4

(1 – 5 days)  Once you place your purchase, a transfer analyst will reach out to you to begin the payment process and will serve as a liaison between you and the seller throughout the entire transfer.

On the invoice generated by our platform, you will be given the option to remit payment into escrow via wire transfer, ACH, and Purchases under $30,000.00 USD can be paid by credit card.

(1-7 day) Gather all the required information and documents for the seller while awaiting ARIN approval.

Buyer Information

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Authorized Signatory Name
  • Title of Authorized Signatory
  • Authorized Signatory’s Email
  • Business Registration Number
  • RIPE Org ID
  • Business Registration Papers
    Note: If your company is registered outside of RIPE, the business registration papers must be less than three months old.
  • Confirmation Letter – Our analyst will request a completed and signed Confirmation Letter while awaiting ARIN’s response. You can download this form on RIPE NCC here. Upon ARIN approval, ARIN will contact RIPE, and RIPE will request the completed Confirmation Letter, Company Registration Paper, and any additional information they may need.
    Note: RIPE typically checks the company registration paper to verify the signatory, so please make sure the signatory is listed on the registration paper.

(1-2 days) Once the due diligence process is completed, RIPE will transfer the block and update the database.

Note: Payment deadline is 5 days after block’s sale ended.

Step 5

~ 1 day

Transfer Completion

Completion Notice: Our Analyst will notify you that the transfer is complete and announce the release of funds to the seller.