IPv4 Addresses:

Education’s Hidden Assets

Colleges and universities have millions of dollars in internet addresses. Many are unused.

They were distributed free and are valuable on today’s qualified marketplaces.

Find out about your school’s hidden inventory & its market value.

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The Basics

  • In the 1980s, four billion IPv4 addresses were created. That seemed to be plenty. It wasn’t enough for long. By the 2010s they were exhausted.
  • Educational institutions of all kinds were given large numbers of them during the internet’s start-up. Now, these internet addresses are unneeded and unused.
  • But established networks are growing and need more IP addresses. And they are willing to buy them for attractive prices.
  • Many colleges and universities have 65,000 unused addresses. Most of them sitting idle. Doing absolutely nothing. Over 1,200 U.S. schools have that number, or more.
  • The extra, unused addresses in such a circumstance are worth $3 million.


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