ARIN Policy Proposal to Disallow Leasing of IPv4 Waitlist Space

June 21, 2023

ARIN’s Advisory Council has started a discussion on a policy proposal to disallow the leasing of space obtained from its waitlist.

What would be the impact of ARINs proposal to disallow leasing of IPv4 waitlist space?

Organizations getting space from the waitlist cannot transfer it for five years. The only exception is for corporate mergers or acquisitions. This proposal would expand that restriction. Those organizations would not be able to lease it, either.

The community is discussing the proposal on ARIN’s PPML. It will also discuss the proposal at ARIN 52 in October 2023.

The proposal can only advance to the next stage if there is community support. ARIN will publish a staff and legal review on the proposal ahead of ARIN 52.