The Year in Review – 2023

2023 was a very satisfying year for IPv4.Global: we assisted clients in the largest number of transfers ever in a single year. We sold millions of addresses, generating over $262 million in revenue for clients and creating liquidity from otherwise dormant assets. Every sector of the world economy worked with us, both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Our marketplace platform continued to evolve, we were recognized as leaders by a number of international organizations, added some great people to our team, and travelled to over 30 events in 12 different countries.

2023 Market Review

Throughout 2023 the prices of large blocks (/16 and larger) remained stable. At the same time, all block sizes smaller than /16s fell steadily during the year. It appears that this divergence paused toward the end of 2023. Volume, as in many years past, held at levels of approximately 40 million addresses, worldwide.​

24 Month Pricing Review

During 2022 and 2023 the per-IP prices of various IPv4 block sizes have steadily diverged, with the difference between small to mid-size blocks and larger ones becoming very significant. At the end of 2023, the per-block price of large blocks hovered at $52 per IP address and smaller blocks changed hands at +/- $36.
​Many alert buyers and sellers of IPv4 addresses bookmark our Prior Sales page to monitor changes regularly and in real time.

For more information on 2023 pricing developments and predictions for 2024, see IPv4 Price Trends and Expectations.

Our 2023 Accomplishments

The Launch of ReView
This year, in collaboration with 6Connect, we launched ReView: the free, first-of-its-kind digital IP address audit and renumbering tool. ReView won immediate and wide-spread acceptance as a robust solution to the challenge of performing a detailed inventory of the IP addresses on a network. For those who haven’t already investigated this terrific application, learn about it and download the tool free. Discover ReView here.

$1 Billion in Sales
In August of this year IPv4.Global reached $1 billion in all-time IPv4 address sales. We have transferred over 60 million addresses worldwide in over 3,500 transfers. We have matched 800 sellers to over 2,000 buyers. In 2023 alone, our transactions valued over $200 million.

ARIN Qualified Facilitator
IPv4.Global was one of the first companies to achieve Qualified Facilitator Status with ARIN – the American Registry for Internet Numbers. The recently launched Qualified Facilitator Program was developed so buyers and sellers of IPv4 addresses can easily and confidently identify the expert brokers qualified to help them navigate the complex IPv4 address transfer process.

RIPE Database Certified
In 2023 three members of our team, Theresa Oo, Akeyla Wallace, and Ceasar Sitt, earned their RIPE Database Associate badges! With this certification, they have proven their knowledge in utilizing the RIPE database to find and interpret data, update information, register assignments, and more. With this qualification, our team is able to better assist our clients wishing to transfer space within the RIPE region.

Enhancements to Our Platform

This year we rolled out a variety of new features on our platform to enhance the customer experience. These features include:

BUNDLES Buyers now have the option to bundle together multiple blocks as long as they are from the same seller, making transfers quicker and cheaper. This feature enables a user to search for additional listings by Seller.

NOTIFY ME Looking for a certain block size or price but can’t find what you’re looking for? You can now set a notification on the platform to send you an email when one becomes available.

SELLER PRICE ADJUSTMENT Sellers now have direct control over the pricing of their blocks. In the past, in order to alter a listing’s price, our clients had to email us to request this change. Today, Sellers can make these changes themselves. Of course, we are always available to help in any way required.

ATTACH DOCUMENTS TO LISTINGS Some sellers require additional documentation for the sale of their blocks. By notifying our team ahead of sale, we add the required documents to the listing, shortening the time required for any necessary communication.

Our 2023 Awards

Two International Stevie® Awards
IPv4.Global won a Silver Stevie® in the Company of the Year category and a Bronze Stevie® for Fastest Growing Company in the 20th Annual International Business Awards®. The International Business Awards are the world’s premier business awards program. All individuals and organizations worldwide – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small – are eligible to submit nominations. The 2023 IBAs received entries from organizations in 61 nations and territories.

Winning a Globee® Award
We were pleased to be awarded a Silver Globee for Fastest Growing Company of the Year at the prestigious 13th Annual 2023 Globee® Business Awards. This prestigious program recognizes and honors organizations and individuals from around the globe who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in the world of business. With its inclusive nature, the Globee® Awards welcomed participation from companies and organizations worldwide, offering a unique opportunity to showcase accomplishments on a global scale.

2024 Market Predictions

During 2024 we expect to see a reduction in the difference between large-block prices and all others. This disparity will be closed either by falling large-block prices, rising small and mid-size prices, or a combination of both. The per-IP price of a /16 is currently 50% higher than the per-IP price of /17s and /18s. While large networks place an understandably greater value on larger block, this disparity is greater than seems reasonable to us. However, seller expectations may be slow to change. During the past two years supply appears to have expanded, probably in response to higher prices. These new sellers may insist on their anticipated returns, buoying prices.

We are also expecting to see an increase in demand, especially for small blocks, because of AWS’ announcement that it will begin charging $40+ per year for every IPv4 address allocated to clients. As a result, we expect businesses to buy addresses on the market and bring them to the cloud.​

To learn more about our expectations for the market this upcoming year, click here.

Looking Forward!

2023 was a terrific year at IPv4.Global. We assisted in more trades, involving a greater number of addresses than in any year before. Plus, we generated more revenue for clients than at any time in the past. Our team grew, adding significant talent to our staff and we expect that growth to continue, too. We look forward to a great year ahead.