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In the meantime, below are a few blog posts related to selling unused IPv4 addresses. None takes more than a few minutes to read and may give you an introduction to the business, legal, and technical issues surrounding these valuable, overlooked assets.

The Hidden Value of IPv4

The number of IP addresses is limited, creating a demand for addresses worldwide, particularly from the cloud computing industry. This demand has raised the value of IPv4 to levels that the internet’s original developers didn’t predict. Read more

Are IP Addresses Property?

Does their specific use make IP addresses “property?” If “a property right is the exclusive authority to determine how a resource is used,” addresses don’t fit. Though not natural property, they are intangible assets, a subset of which is further known as intellectual property. Read more

Taking Inventory of IPv4 Assets

Beyond the financial impact of the sale or lease of IPv4 addresses, there are many reasons for having a thorough understanding of a company’s IPv4 address holdings. These include network security, accountability, and expansion capabilities. Read more