IPv4 Address Buyers

An overview of our marketplace and services.

Our platform aids the transfer of IPv4 addresses blocks and AS Numbers via private transactions and through our online marketplace.

The marketplace lets users buy IPv4 address space directly, providing an efficient sales process for transactions.

The Basics

The process we provide for buying addresses is straightforward.

  • Register
    Request a registration for auction access. This is quick and simple.
  • Buy
    Buy addresses via live auctions or with “buy now” listings.
  • Escrow
    Funds transfer via IPv4.GLOBAL’s free escrow service.
  • Transfer
    We facilitate IP address transfers to buyers with the relevant RIR(s).
  • Confirm
    IPv4.GLOBAL confirms the transfer and disburses funds.

The Details

Not complicated but important.

  • Bidding
    Most bidders use our maximum amount function to establish a ceiling for their purchase price.
  • Winning
    The winning bidder is notified by email at the close of the auction.
  • Buy Now
    Buying in this way is immediate and ends the auction.
  • Fees
    Buyers are responsible for the payment of all RIR transfer fees.
  • Financing
    We may provide financing for qualified buyers who request it.


Registration is an easy, no-obligation process. Both active buyers and sellers must be registered to participate to insure only qualified users engage with offerings in the marketplace. In addition to buying and selling opportunities, registered users have access to detailed information on each block offered that is not available to the general public.

The Not-So-Fine Print

Transfer Timelines

Once a bid has been won, the timeframe to completed transfer depends on the speed with which buyer and seller respond to the relevant RIR’s requests for information and documentation. This normally ranges from two weeks to one month.

In order to speed up the transfer process, we encourage Buyers to apply for pre-approval prior to bidding.

Inter-RIR Transfers

We assist with this every day. Generally, a transfer between RIRs takes one week longer than one that happens within a single RIR.


An invoice accompanies the winning bid notification. Payments are due five business days from the end of the auction. Wire or ACH payments are required.


Contact us to learn more. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss your needs and answer any questions you have.

If you’d like to explore our solutions by phone, give us a call:

(212) 610 5601