Rebranding our IPv4 Address Brokerage

Hilco Streambank’s to be Rebranded Under its IPv4.Global Banner

We are excited to announce that the online auction platform is being rebranded under the IPv4.Global banner.  IPv4.Global, an operating unit of Hilco Streambank, has been leveraging the resources of Hilco Global to provide our clients with creative solutions for monetizing their IPv4 addresses.  The auction platform, launched in 2014 , streamlined the buying and selling of IPv4 address blocks for companies worldwide.  The online auction platform will now be a part of the IPv4.Global brand and will reside at Auctions.IPv4.Global.  By bringing our auction platform and our private brokerage services under one umbrella we can help companies looking to purchase or sell blocks ranging from a /24 to a /8.

Hilco Streambank completed its first IPv4 transaction in 2011 and shortly after consolidated its IPv4 services under the IPv4.Global brand. Our company has since completed over 1,000 transactions generating over $300 million dollars in value for our clients. Our teams’ experience in the legal and financial industry helped us build one of the most trusted and professional brokerage services in the world.  The launch of in 2014 created an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can transact directly. Our transaction data is made publicly available, providing companies with real-time market data and bringing much needed transparency to the market.

By consolidating our platform under IPv4.Global we can simplify the ability to monetize IPv4 addresses and create more options for our buyers and sellers. We hope to leverage our work with IPv4 transfers to bring to a more seamless experience to this market.

Gabe Fried
Hilco Streambank/IPv4.Global

Our team at IPv4.Global will continue to dedicate ourselves to helping clients monetize their IPv4 addresses via reliable and efficient solutions. We are working to continue our commitment to bringing transparency to the market and will be launching a newly designed online auction platform offering in-depth pricing data. The new platform will feature a seller portal allowing sellers to manage and schedule their own listings, giving greater autonomy to our clients and making transactions even easier.

Contact IPv4.Global to learn more.

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