IPv4.Global Launches Newly Designed IPv4 Marketplace

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IPv4.Global, an operating unit of Hilco Streambank, is excited to announce the launch of our new IPv4 auction platform. The launch follows a recent announcement that the original auction site, IPv4Auctions.com, was to be rebranded under the IPv4.Global banner. With the rebranding came a newly designed and engineered auctions platform which is now directly accessible at auctions.ipv4.global.

Hilco Streambank launched an online auction platform in 2014 as a way to streamline the experience of buying and selling IPv4 addresses. The platform was originally designed to support the buying and selling of relatively small blocks to end user customers.  However, as demand for IPv4 addresses showed increased momentum, a global shortage and growing demand have increased both prices and volume, network operators, in addition to end users, were increasingly coming to the market to buy IPv4.  Our IPv4.Global brand was created to highlight the global nature of the market, our expertise in IPv4, and our acknowledgement that trading IPv4 addresses and ASNs is really a stand alone enterprise. Our commitment to leadership in this market shows up in our commitment to transparency and our investment in customer experience, both of which are evident in our new platform.

The new auction website is based on a handful of core features that made the original IPv4Auctions.com an industry favorite. Site registration remains a simple and seamless process, and now features a one-click NDA agreement expedited approval. The new platform will still allow us to provide the same great service with an updated, more user-friendly experience, designed to give buyers and sellers more control over the auction process. Users can now:

  • Keep track of active bids via SMS, e-mail, and on-site notifications
  • Review purchase history and track transfer status
  • Directly submit IPv4 blocks to be listed for auction
  • Manage active listings through our new seller portal
  • View more robust pricing statistics from past sales
New Auction Site Features

Visit auctions.ipv4.global to view the new site.

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