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NANOG 75 San Francisco

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The San Francisco Good Netizen Awards coincide with the North American Network Operators’ Group – NANOG 75 meeting taking place February 18-20. The IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards will recognize and celebrate local organizations that have demonstrated exceptional “netizenship” throughout their communities in the San Francisco area.

The IPv4.Global Good Netizen Award finalists will be voted on from Tuesday, February 12 through Sunday, February 24th. During this time, industry professionals are encouraged to select the nominee they feel displays the most netizenship. IPv4.Global will contribute one percent of its gross sales from its online auction platform from March 4 through March 10, and award the IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards finalists with these proceeds in support of their continued efforts.  IPv4.Global’s donation contribution will be divided amongst winner and runner up proportionately to the number of votes each organization receives.


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