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GNA San Francisco, CA

The Good Netizen Awards will make its way to California as the IPv4.Global team prepare for NANOG 75. Click below to nominate an organization practicing good netizenship in the San Francisco area.

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Previous Awards

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GNA Vancouver
October 2018

Free Geek Vancouver wins a close race as it came down to final days votes to crown the Good Netizen Vancouver.

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GNA Denver
June 2018

PCs for People wins the inaugural Good Netizen Awards.

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IPv4.Global's Good Netizen Awards

The IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate local organizations that have demonstrated exceptional “netizenship” throughout their communities in multiple ways, including engaging in the promotion of internet access for all, supporting and funding internet and technology education, and contributing to open and ethical internet business practices. Future IPv4.Global Good Netizen Awards programs will take place during industry meetings and events across the globe.

How it Works

  • Local Events

    We attend various events across the U.S. and internationally. The Good Netizen Awards take place in the weeks leading up to and shortly after each event.

  • Featured Organizations

    We choose a group of local organizations from the location where the event is being hosted. Organizations that exhibit good netizenship in the internet community can be chosen or nominated for a Good Netizen Award.

  • Vote for a Winner

    In the weeks leading up to and during an event, we host online voting to help chose a Good Netizen Award winner. Organizations are encouraged to share they’re individual voting pages with their network to increase their odds of winning.

  • IPv4.Global Donation

    IPv4.Global’s donation contribution will be divided amongst the finalists proportionately to the number of votes each organization receives.