Large Blocks & Bundles Available

We “bundle” IPv4 address blocks into larger units so that transactions can be simplified and made speedier.  We also have a number of large blocks available. To save time and money, each bundle is from the same seller.
Right now, we have the following available for immediate transfer:

RIR# of AddressesSizesNotes
ARIN106,496/16, /17, /19US based non-profit servicer. Ready in October 2023
ARIN65,536Combination of /24s, /23s, /22s/16 Equivalent
ARIN65,536/16Large Consulting and accounting company
ARIN65,536/16Aerospace company
ARIN65,536/17, 2* /18GSI and MSP provider in US
ARIN54,272/18, 3*/19, 2*/20, 2X /21, /22Large US University
ARIN49,152/17, /18/17 and /18 are contiguous to one another West coast Municipality
ARIN32,768/17CO-OP in USA. Has another /18 in 2024
APNIC65,536/16ISP in India
APNIC32,768/18, 2* /19Fiber provider in APNIC region
APNIC32,768/17ISP in Pakistan
RIPE98,304/17, 4* /18Scandinavian Telecom

Tell Us What You Need

If you don’t find what you want here, ask IPv4.Global to assemble a collection of smaller blocks into the custom, large “block” that fits your needs. Just tell us the total number of addresses you need by calling Ronnie Kassin (212) 540.4549 or email him at


# of AddressesSizes
106,496/16, /17, /19
65,536Combination of /24s, /23s, /22s
65,536/17, 2* /18
54,272/18, 3*/19, 2*/20, 2X /21, /22
49,152/17, /18


# of AddressesSizes
32,768/18, 2* /19


# of AddressesSize
98,304/17, 4* /18