Online Marketplace Update: New Features Added

IPv4.Global rolled out two exciting new features on our industry-leading IPv4 marketplace:

  1. Entry of OrgID
  2. Prepayment of RIR transfer fee

Entry of OrgID
When entering a bid on an auction or purchasing a “Buy Now” block, buyers will be prompted to enter the “OrgID” to which the block will be transferred. This will save time, as we will no longer need to wait for the buyer to provide that information, and can begin the transfer as soon as we receive payment. The “OrgID” is the organizational identifier assigned by the Regional Internet Registry (RIR). If you don’t know your OrgID, you can just log into the RIR’s portal (ARIN Online, RIPE LIR Portal, MyAPNIC, miLACNIC, myAFRINIC) and look for your organization. If you have multiple OrgIDs, such as in different RIRs, make sure to enter the one to be used for this transaction.

Prepayment of RIR transfer fee
The second feature will calculate and include the transfer fee from the RIR on the invoice. When funding the purchase, the buyer will pay the transfer fee up front.* When the RIR sends an invoice for a transfer fee to the seller, the seller can pay it, confident that we will reimburse for it. We will not invoice for transfer fees where the buyer is invoiced directly from the RIR, and we charge no additional fee for handling this payment.

All of our new features are a part of our ongoing efforts to make our online marketplace the fastest, easiest way to buy and sell IPv4 addresses and ASNs. Look out for more features coming soon!

Best Regards,
The IPv4.Global Team


*IPv4.Global will hold the prepaid transfer fees in escrow and in the event the transfer is cancelled, or the fee not paid, the payment will be returned.

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