ARIN Waiting List Filled

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ARIN has announced that they have met all of the remaining requests on their IPv4 waiting list, and still have addresses left over. Since they have more, they’ll keep distributing address space to new waiting list participants until they again run out.

Remember that earlier in 2019, ARIN found that there were fraudulent applications on the waiting list and suspended it. After review, they revised the policy. Now, to be added to the waiting list, organizations must have no more than a /20, and can only get a /24, /23, or /22. Organizations can apply for more every 90 days, until they reach /20 total.

The reinstatement of the waiting list and the newfound supply could reasonably be expected to drive down demand on IPv4.Global’s IPv4 online marketplace.  So far there is no indication that IPv4 prices for those blocks sizes has changed. Organizations looking to sell IPv4 address blocks of /22 through /24 may see some effect eventually. Since IPv4 addresses can be transferred between ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC (and LACNIC, starting in June), the final exhaustion of the RIPE-NCC pool for allocating /22s to new LIRs may have offset any reduction in demand.

Just two entries on ARIN's waiting list now


Organizations needing to buy IP addresses are still welcome to buy online.

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