AFRINIC Enters IPv4 Runout Phase 2

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AFRINIC has announced that they nearly run out of IPv4 addresses.

They now have less than a /11 of address space available, or about 2 million addresses. From now on, they will allocate IP blocks no larger than /22 (1,000 IP addresses), based on whatever an applicant will use in the next eight months.  Although there is no restriction on how often an organization can return for more IP addresses, organizations must show 90% utilization to get more space.

Premier IP broker IPv4.Global has a limited supply for organizations who need to buy IPv4 blocks in the AFRINIC region. Unlike other regions, AFRINIC only allows IP address transfers within the region, so we are looking for more organizations wanting to sell IP address blocks in the region. Register for the online IP auction marketplace to buy or sell IP addresses. To get insight into the expected cost of IP addresses, look to our listing of prior sales.


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